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    Newborns are best photographed within the first 2 weeks.  If you are pregnant now please call me to discuss newborn options and ask questions.  If you already had your baby that is ok call me I can try to squeeze you in!

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Denver Corporate Headshots

I bet you didn’t know I did head shots.  Yep, I do!  I don’t do them super often…but when I do I wonder WHY I don’t do them very often!


Aurora Family Photography – Oh how I missed you!

This family moved away.  I was so sad.  Then out of the blue they e-mailed to book a session!!  LUCKY ME!  They were coming for a visit and decided to fit in a photography session with me!  I could not believe how much “L” had grown.  She is such a doll.  I hope they visit again sometime;)


Denver Family Photography – Sassy Sisters!

Just look at these cute girls.  I have been photographing this family since the oldest was born.  I don’t see how it is possible but they seem to get cuter each time I see them.  I had 3 sisters growing up (and one brother), so sisters always have a special place in my heart.  I can’t wait to see them again!


Aurora Newborn Photography – Baby Sister

I could not wait for this little girl to get here.  It seemed to take forever!  She was such a sweetheart in the studio.  I always love newborn session.  Sometimes I wish I could only do newborn sessions….but then I remember the crying and the peeing and the heat, oh yea give me an easy 6 month old now and then!


Denver Family Photography – If only every session was this fun!

Oh my I can not even begin to tell you how much fun this session was!  I so love it when photo sessions are fun!  Too often kids are fussing and husbands wish they were watching the game and moms are just frustrated because nothing is going how they planned!  I actually like those session because parents are amazed when they see I actually got pictures.  There was no fussing this time.  We had a great session and it shows!  I last photographed this family when the kids were much younger.  I could not believe how much they had grown!  I hope they don’t take as long between sessions this time!

S p e c i a l s