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    Kristie Chadwick Photography will be closed the following dates:
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    Monday Dec 23 - Friday Dec 27

    If you have a newborn and need a sessions during any of the above dates please contact I might be able to make arrangements for newborn sessions only.

    Newborns are best photographed within the first 2 weeks.  If you are pregnant now please call me to discuss newborn options and ask questions.  If you already had your baby that is ok call me I can try to squeeze you in!

    Thanks for visiting my blog I hope you come back often to see updates, special events and sneak peeks.

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Aurora Studio Senior – Bright Future

Look at this handsome young man.  He has his whole future ahead of him.  Oh to be young again.  I will age myself but this summer was my…gulp…20 year high school reunion.  Really 20 years.  How did that happen.  He decided on a quick studio session for his senior pictures.  He said 15 minutes was about all he could stand :)  Typical boy.


Highlands Ranch Family Photography – Sibling Love

I am so sad that this is my last session with this family, they are moving away :(  I first met them when their daughter was born….I got see them every few months until she turned 1.  Then they had their son and again I got to see them every few months.  Well he turned 1 AND they are moving in a few weeks.  I hope they come back to visit…..but since they are moving back to where their families live that is doubtful.  I wish them all the luck in their new adventures.  Now check out the cuteness….is that even a word!


Golden Child Photography – They should be models!

Look at these two boys, so cute.  The oldest was a bit stingy on his smiles…..but he have me the BEST serious looks!  The youngest was a little dancer!  He would just rock out, it was awesome.  We meet at the Clear Creek Park in Golden….on a weekend…..during the farmers market!  Good thing it was not too busy.  We walked over to the downtown area for some shots as well.


Greenwood Village Newborn Photographer – Mr. Snuggles

I have had the best newborns…knock on wood!  Really they have all been great sleepers, well we might have had to work at it some but they all slept!  Mr. “H” was no exception.  He was awesome.  I have been photographing his cousins and extended family for years.  Over the years I secretly wondered when/if his parents were going to have a baby.  I was so excited for them when they called to ask me to take his newborn pictures.  We had his newborn photography session in his home.  I just loved his room.  I am so excited they will be doing a few more sessions during the first year so I will get to see them all again soon!


Denver Baby Photography – Little Dancer

I was so excited to hear from this client again…I photographed their son when he was a baby!  Now they have added a new little lady to the family.  Her parents are dancers so you know she is going to grow up to dance.  She was just a bit tired at her photography session but you would never know looking at the pictures.  We meet at their home.  Love in home sessions, such fun personality in each room!

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