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Denver Senior Photography – What a Beauty!

I am not sure what I waited so long to add seniors!  They are so fun.  It is nice to to have people actually follow directions.  Brianna and I had an awesome session….although it was cloudy and ALMOST raining…oh and there were bugs…lots of bugs.


Aurora Family Photography – Oh My Triplets!

Check out these cuties!  We all had so much fun at this session.  The babies had a bit of trouble and wanted to be held all.the.time….except one that only wanted run away!  Thank goodness for snacks and lollipops!  After an hour with these three I was in awe of all triplet moms and dads!  One of the little girls was not at all in the mood to take pictures on our scheduled photo day.  So I ran over to their house and she was in a MUCH better mood.


Centennial Family Photography – Sisters

So the last few weeks here in the Denver Metro area we have been dealing with RAIN.  Lots of rain.  In the 14 years I have lived in Colorado this year it has rained more than I can ever remember.  So when the date for this session finally came around and there was NO rain in the forecast I was so thrilled!  Then as I arrived for the session I notice the WIND!  No not the wind.  Oh my was it windy.  WE all toughed it out and carried on in the wind.  For a minute I was thinking we were in Wyoming or something.  These girls would be gorgeous in the rain or the wind!  We had a great session.


Golden Family Photography – Brothers

Thanks to all the rain in Colorado I hit a new record…..this session had to be rescheduled 3 times!  Single weather reschedules are common….it happens and it is part of the job…I like to work in the sun!  Anyhow for several weeks in a row as their session arrived so did the rain.  Then it rained everyday.  Hello this is Colorado.  Anyhow finally the session date arrived and NO RAIN!  However I was a bit worried about all the flooding just north of the area.  All was good and the session was perfect!  Funny note….I have been to this location many many times and it is not unusual to see another photographer or two….this time there were no less than 5 other photographers!  Looks like we were all waiting out the rain….oh and it was not even on a weekend!  It was well worth the wait for me.  These boys, and their parents, were awesome!  I had such a fun evening it was almost like I was not even working!


Denver Family Photographer – At the Gardens

Just another perfect day at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  I don’t think I could ever get bored having sessions at the gardens.  I love that each time I go they look just a little different.  I was waiting to get to see “R” for her 12 month session….we were about 6 months late but it was worth it the wait.  Just look at her adorable smile!  Her cute family and big brother joined the session.

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