Golden Family Photography – Brothers

Thanks to all the rain in Colorado I hit a new record…..this session had to be rescheduled 3 times!  Single weather reschedules are common….it happens and it is part of the job…I like to work in the sun!  Anyhow for several weeks in a row as their session arrived so did the rain.  Then it rained everyday.  Hello this is Colorado.  Anyhow finally the session date arrived and NO RAIN!  However I was a bit worried about all the flooding just north of the area.  All was good and the session was perfect!  Funny note….I have been to this location many many times and it is not unusual to see another photographer or two….this time there were no less than 5 other photographers!  Looks like we were all waiting out the rain….oh and it was not even on a weekend!  It was well worth the wait for me.  These boys, and their parents, were awesome!  I had such a fun evening it was almost like I was not even working!

S p e c i a l s