clothing ideas

I can not even begin to tell you how many times I get asked for clothing ideas….then I e-mail and tell all my ideas over and over again!  So while I could not sleep the other night I made some visual outfit ideas!  So I want to go shopping.  Matchy Matchy is OUT and COLOR is in!  It makes it fun to try to match everyone but much trickier.

I usually suggest picking 1-2 people to dress in a print or pattern using several colors.  Then match the other people’s clothing to the color in the print keeping their clothing solid.  Finally accessorize!  Add fun bows, belts, scarves and hats to finish the look.  When you are finished picking all the outfit for your family put them all out together and if they look like you could wear them all together as one outfit they will look great in the picture.

Some things to think about:

1. Keep all the outfits in the same season…if everyone is in pants and sweaters don’t have one person in short sleeve and flip flops.

2. Shoes are important, especially in family pictures.  Most often black or brown shoes are best, you want them to blend into the background.  Crocs and flip flops never look good.  Babies that do not walk are best without shoes or in socks if cold.

3.  If you are planning to hang a large portrait in your home keep in mind the room colors when selecting your clothing.

4.  Layers are good :)  Layers allow you to add more color into each outfit without adding patterns.

5.  Here is a link to some SUPER CUTE kids clothing at great prices,

6.  Baby hats are so cute!  I just love them so I started making them!  I have several available to use during your session however if you want to take one home visit my Etsy Shop to purchase one.

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